People’s Choice for Ohio Brew Week 2014

The People’s Choice Ballots for Ohio Brew Week 2014 have finally been tallied and a decision was made to announce only five categories based on the fact that winners in other categories were not conclusive. All those nominated received at least one vote.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the People’s Choice. Please keep in touch with Ohio Brew Week for news on our 10 Year anniversary celebration coming to you July 10-18, 2015!

Best Carryout

The Nominees for Best Carryout (beverages, not food) of Ohio Brew Week 2014 are:

  • Dale’s BP
  • …and Beer

The winner is And Beer – Congratulations!…and Beer, the other half of Big Mama’s Burritos, carries a large selection of bottled and canned craft brews from around the country that can be purchased in their own packs or as mix-and-match six-packs.

 Best Restaurant

The Nominations for Best Restaurant of Ohio Brew week 2014 are:

  • Burrito Buggy
  • Casa Nueva
  • Goodfellas
  • Jackie O’s
  • Kiser’s BBQ
  • Lucky’s Sports Bar
  • The Over Hang
  • The Pub
  • Restaurant Salaam
  • Sol Restaurant

Every one of these fine establishments received at least one nomination, but only one came out clearly on-top.

The winner of Best Restaurant of Ohio Brew Week 2014 is: 
Sol Restaurant – Congratulations! The sheer variety of foods offered throughout the week made this restaurant an OBW visitor favorite.

Second place goes to:
The Pub

And we have a tie for Third place:
Casa Nueva Restaurant & Cantina and newcomer The Over Hang

Congratulations to all our fabulous Athens eateries for a job well-done!

Best Food Made with Beer

The Nominations for Best Food Made with Beer at Ohio Brew Week 2014 are:

  • BBQ – Sol
  • Beef Stew – Over Hang
  • Beer Cheese Soup – Casa Nueva
  • Beer Cheese Soup – Jackie O’s
  • Beer Cheese Soup – The Pub
  • Beer Glazed Mahi Mahi – Sol
  • Biscuits and Gravy – Sol
  • Black and Tan Stout Rings
  • Chicken Infused Tacos – Sol
  • Dessert Flight – Sol
  • Ice Cream – Over Hang
  • Mac ‘n Cheese – Sol
  • Pretzel Bites – Sol
  • Pulled Pork BBQ – Over Hang
  • Vanilla Fitzgerald – Casa

If you weren’t hungry before reading this list, I’ll bet you’re hungry now… All these food items received at least one vote with several vying for the top spot.

And… the winner of the Best Food Made with Beer at Ohio Brew Week 2014 is:

The Dessert Flight at Sol Restaurant – Congratulations!

Coming in for a close second:

Beer Mac & Cheese also from Sol

And Third place goes to:

Pulled Pork BBQ at The Over Hang

 Best Bar

The Nominations for Best Bar of Ohio Brew Week 2014 are:

  • Casa Nueva
  • The Cat’s Den
  • The Cat’s Eye
  • The CI
  • Courtside Pizza
  • The J-Bar
  • Jackie O’s
  • Lucky’s Sports Tavern
  • The Over Hang
  • Pawpurr’s
  • The Pigskin
  • The Pub
  • Sol Restaurant
  • Tony’s
  • The Union

All of these fun places received at least one nomination with several vying to the top spot.

The winner of the Best Bar of Ohio Brew Week 2014 is:

The Pub – Congratulations!

Second place goes to:

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery

And Third place goes to:

Casa Nueva Restaurant & Cantina

Best Overall Brew

And finally, the category everyone has waited for…

The Nominations for Best Overall Brew of Ohio Brew Week 2014 are:

  • Arc Wizard – 7th Son/Four String
  • Baltic Merman – Jackie O’s
  • Barbarossa – Moerlein
  • Betrayer – Granville
  • Blueberry Ale – Rocky River
  • Boris the Crusher – Hoppin Frog
  • Bumbleberry – Fatheads
  • Chickow! – Triple Digit
  • Citra Dog – Thirsty Dog
  • Coffee Brown Ale – Mt Carmel
  • Double Couple Three Hops – Catawba Island
  • Galaxy High – MadTree
  • Helles – Moerlein
  • Luna Kambucha Mango
  • Mandala Galaxy – Jackie O’s
  • Mayan Chocolate Honey Stout – Thirsty Dog
  • PawPaw Ale – Weaselboy
  • Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter- Willoughby
  • Raspberry Ale – Thirsty Dog
  • Razz Wheat – Jackie O’s
  • Roebling – Rivertown
  • Secret Hoperation – Jackie O’s
  • Triple IPA – 50 West
  • Whippet Wheat – Thirsty Dog

The sheer number of brews available during Ohio Brew Week (at least 250 individual varieties) made it tough for folks to identify their absolute favorite of the week. But this list shows what folks liked enough to mention them on the ballot, and we are very happy with the varied tastes you see listed here.

We have a TIE for the Best Overall Brew of Ohio Brew Week 2014… Congratulations go out to:

Chickow! by Triple Digit Brewing Company
The Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter by Willoughby Brewing Company

We also have two three-way ties for second and third place…

Tied for Second place:
Baltic Merman – Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery
Blueberry Ale – Rocky River Brewing Company
PawPaw Ale – Weasel Boy Brewing

Tied for Third place:
Barbarossa – Moerlein Lager House
Boris the Crusher – Hoppin’ Frog Brewery
Double Couple Three Hops – Catawba Island Brewing Co.

Congratulations to all these fabulous brews!

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